CBSR has collaboration with many other organizations in Malaysia. We are organizing an international multi-disciplinary conference in Malaysia. In which researchers from different countries will participate. Here is the tentatively suggested program. Maximum cost for 5 days will be Rs. 90000 to Rs. 100000 including conference fee, food, accommodation, return ticket etc (except Passport and Visa, urgent passport Rs.8000 and Visa Rs. 7000).

Tour & Conference Plan
28th December: Ready for departure at 6pm from Lahore Airport
29th December (Day 1): Visits to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya lakes, parks and memorial places
30th December (Day 2). Conference
31st December (day 3): Visit to IOI Mall and Almanda Mall during day, KL Sentral Mall in evening, then Twin Towers till New Year celebrations
1st January (Day 4): Port Dixon/Beaches
2nd January (5th day): Batu Caves and KL City

Timeline for conference
Submission of abstract (if you have research paper) before October 15
Acceptance letter will be issued for Visa, before October 20
Copy of Passport and Visa will be required for Return Ticket October 30-November 15
Flight will be from *Lahore to Lahore* on 28 Dec after 12pm we will leave for Lahore

Fee submission
After acceptance letter: Rs. 12000 conference fee
November 1, Rs. 50000 for Return Ticket
Remaining balance till December 10.
You have to deposit charges in CBSR office (nominated focal person), there is no need of international transaction.

Submit your Abstract at

[email protected]