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Creative Business and Social Research (CBSR) has consistently recognized the pressing need for research and development in Pakistan, firmly positioning itself as a steadfast supporter of this cause. CBSR’s unwavering commitment extends to providing crucial assistance to researchers across a multitude of fields, effectively contributing to the continuous improvement of their skills and expertise. This tireless dedication stems from the acknowledgment of a significant challenge in Pakistan – the scarcity of platforms that can effectively harness the abundant talent and potential of the nation’s youth for the betterment of the country.

In response to this challenge, CBSR has taken proactive measures to bridge this gap, emerging as a pivotal institution that offers a platform for researchers to contribute meaningfully to Pakistan’s progress. By doing so, it has become a catalyst for facilitating significant advancements within the nation.

This commitment is further exemplified by CBSR’s cadre of exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable trainers who deliver top-tier training programs. These programs encompass a wide array of modern software applications, including SPSS, AMOS, SmartPLS, EViews, STATA, ATLAS, NVIVO, TELLY, QuickBooks, and Peachtree. The primary aim of these workshops is to equip individuals with both practical skills and a profound understanding of these software tools, empowering them to excel in their respective fields.

At the heart of CBSR’s mission lies a core objective – the empowerment of individuals to become catalysts for change. This is achieved through a comprehensive range of training programs, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking seminars. CBSR’s mission is driven by the aspiration to furnish individuals with the requisite skills and knowledge to effectively address the practical challenges within their communities. By fostering a culture of proactive problem-solving, CBSR strives to empower individuals to make a lasting and meaningful impact on their surroundings.

A pivotal element of CBSR’s vision for the future is the transformation of education, especially for students. The organization encourages students to transcend the conventional notion of education merely as a degree on paper. Instead, CBSR advocates for the embrace of practical learning as a means to actively contribute to the advancement of the nation. Through the acquisition of real-world skills and knowledge, students become the embodiment of their country’s pride and progress, emerging as the driving force behind Pakistan’s development.

Currently, CBSR boasts an impressive roster of over 1,000 researchers spanning various domains, while its membership count exceeds 200. This diverse and talented team actively contributes to CBSR’s overarching mission of advancing Pakistan.

In a bid to promote research, CBSR actively collaborates with various university departments through a comprehensive range of initiatives, including training sessions, seminars, and workshops. Notably, the organization has recently hosted the 1st International Asian Multidisciplinary Conference in December 2017 at Metropolitan University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia, and the 2nd International Asian Multidisciplinary Conference in December 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand. This dynamic approach ensures the widespread dissemination of knowledge and the global advancement of research.

Even during the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, CBSR displayed remarkable resilience by leveraging online resources to ensure the continuity of its work. This strategic move not only allowed CBSR to persevere but also flourish, underscoring its unwavering determination to make a lasting and positive difference in Pakistan and beyond.



We have highly qualified resource persons to provide training to corporate sector, development sector and academia.


Research Consultancy

CBSR offers consultancy for research. We are a large team with particular expertise and a big network. This allows us to bring diverse solutions to our clients


Market Research

Market research may be the method or set of procedures, which links your people and customers



CBSR also organizes national and international conferences and seminars to provide the platform for researchers

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